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A successfully crafted manuscript contains not only carefully edited text, but also professionally presented figures and diagrams. Most editors will not even consider sending a manuscript for review if the figures fail to meet a minimum standard. Complete and accurate figures are regarded as obligatory for the journal review process.

Generating professional-quality figures and illustrations can require a great deal of time and energy. Let our professional illustration and editorial experts help, so that you can devote more time to research.

Figure Formatting

Prior to publication, a scientific paper’s figures must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the target journal, but different journals can have different formatting and style specifications. Our Figure Formatting service generates publication-ready figures from your files. This includes 1,2:

  • Construction of charts (bar graphs, line charts, scatter plots, etc.)
  • Generation of composite figures
  • Addition of annotations (text, arrows, lines, etc.) and modification of figure dimensions (limited by the resolution of the original figure)
  • Changes to file type, resolution, color, scale, line thickness, and layout (to improve readability and appearance).
  • Example A: Multiple pictures combined into a single figure with text and annotations (arrows, scale bar) added.
  • Example B: Low-resolution schematic diagrams redrawn as high-resolution diagrams.
  • Example C: Tabular data (or initial chart) rendered into a chart compliant with journal requirements.


$75 per figure, regardless of the number of panels or images it contains

Our Guarantee

Our professional illustration and editorial team will produce figures in strict compliance with your target journal’s submission requirements. Should the journal take issue with images that we produce, we will address them for free. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your formatted figures in any way, we will revise them until they meet your personal requirements.

Note: 1. Production of charts from tables does not include calculation; please provide the data that you wish to be displayed, such as mean, standard deviation, etc. 2. Photo-editing does not include the following processes: adjustment of brightness or contrast, cropping, or calculation.


How do you format images, such as photographs and micrographs?

For best results, send all the images you wish to include as separate files at the highest resolution available to you. We regret that we do not alter color balance, brightness, or contrast out of ethical concerns.

What file types do you accept for figure formatting?

We are currently able to process the following file types:

• Any standard graphic format, such as .tif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif
• .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word)
• .ppt, .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
• .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
• .opj (Origin)
• .ai, .ait (Adobe Illustrator)
• .psd, .pdd (Adobe Photoshop)
• .eps (various programs)

If you store your material in some other file type, contact our experts for the best way to convert your material to .eps or .pdf files for export.

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